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Published: 17th August 2016 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 10th December 2023

jackpot sng pokerJackpot SNG Poker Games have become all the rage for SNG grinders of late with the format now being available at the top online poker sites.

Play for your share of up to 10,000 times your buy-in amount in these fast-paced three or four handed Sit & Go tournaments.

Each poker room offers a different variation of the game making the experience unique wherever you signup.

With games lasting only a few minutes, Jackpot SNG Poker tournaments are the perfect format for Android devices & iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Jackpot SNG Poker Games

Once you’ve played a few games you’ll get used to the format and figure out your winning jackpot SNG strategy.

To increase your chances of being dealt into a monster prize pool you’ll need to play a few hundred or thousand Sit n Go tournament. The selection of games Blast Poker 888, PokerStars Spin n Go, Jackpot SNG iPoker and Party Poker Hero SNG tournaments.

The most affordable poker site to play jackpot SNG poker games is 888poker, buy-ins start from just 10¢ and offers a prize pool up to $1000 on the 10,000 multiplier.

Blast Poker 888

blast poker

Download 888poker

Players: 4
Buy-in Amounts: 10¢, $1, $5, $30
Max Jackpot: $300,000
Jackpot Multiplier: 10,000x
Unique Features: All-in Countdown timer
Platform: PC, MAC, Android & iOS

Blast Poker 888 is the best choice for SNG jackpot games as it offers the lowest buy-in amount and features a countdown timer till all-in.

The maximum jackpot prize is $300,000 on a 10,000x multiplier at the $30 buy-in amount. Payout positions vary based on the random multiplier for each game.

Game-play is fast with blind levels increasing every two minutes, the entire game last six minutes on average. There is a countdown timer which forces all players all-in every hand when it reaches zero.

Party Poker Hero SNG

Party Poker Hero SNG

Download PartyPoker

Players: 4
Buy-in Amounts: $1, $3, $5, $10, $20
Max Jackpot: $120,000
Jackpot Multiplier: 10,000x
Unique Features: Bounty prize on random player
Platform: PC, Android & iOS

Party Poker Hero SNG is a four player SNG jackpot game with a twist as one of the registered players will randomly be selected as the bounty player.

There are five different buy-in amounts ranging from $1-$20, players can win up to $120,000 on the 10,000x multiplier at maximum stakes.

The Sit & Go Hero tournaments include jackpots with bounty prizes, a unique feature that selects a random bounty player at the start of the tournament. eliminate the bounty player to claim the prize.

PokerStars Spin n Go

spin & go pokerstars

Download PokerStars

Players: 3
Buy-in Amounts: $1, $3, $7, $15, $30, $60 & $100
Max Jackpot: $30,000
Jackpot Multiplier: x1000
Unique Features: Million Jackpot
Platform: PC, MAC, Android & iOS

PokerStars Spin n Go is the three-handed hyper turbo SNG jackpot game developed by the online poker giant offering up to a million jackpot prize.

Buy-in amounts range between $1-$30 and players can win up to a million at the highest buy-in level with a 1000 times multiplier.

The jackpot SNG PokerStars games generate a multiplier and random prize pool amount at the start of each tournament.

The Spin & Go tournaments are winner takes format all except when the jackpot prize is within the top three payout positions in which case the second and third place each get 10% of the prize pool.

Twister Poker Jackpot SNG iPoker

twister poker jackpot

Download Titan Poker

Players: 3
Buy-in Amounts: $1, $2, $5, $10
Max Jackpot: $10,000
Jackpot Multiplier: 1,000x
Unique Features: winner takes all poker tournament

Twister Poker is a three-player jackpot SNG poker tournament available on the iPoker Network, Titan Poker & WinnerPoker.

Jackpot SNG iPoker games feature buy-in levels range from $1-$10 and you could win $10,000 on the 1,000x multiplier for a $10 buy-in.

Before each jackpot SNG Titan Poker game begins the jackpot wheel spins and lands on a random multiplier amount. These winner takes all poker tournaments offer at least twice the buy-in amount.