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Published: 25th November 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

Who is Isildur1?Once again the record books need to be updated as the previous record for the largest online poker pot was once again smashed by a monster pot of $1,356,946.50.
This time around the hand included well known poker pro Patrik Antonius and unknown Swede “Isildur1“, prior to the hand both players were stacked at a high stakes $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha game at Full Tilt with Isildur1 having about $678k and Antonius approximately $1.26 million.

Preflop the pot was already $160,000 as both players raised and reraised each other.

All the recent action and large pot activity at FullTilt by the unknown Isildur1 begs the question to be asked, just who is Isildur1?

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Flop: 4s 5c 2h
Antonius bet out with a $91k bet which saw Isildur1 reraise to $435k another reraise by Patrik Antonius made it $779k to which Isildur1 responded to with an all-in call.

Antonius showed:
Ah-3s-Ks-Kh for a five-high straight, a pair of Kings and two back-door flush draws.

“Isildur1” showed:
6d-9s-7d-8h for a wrap straight draw.

Turn: 5h
Which helped extend Antonius’s lead.

River: 9c
Awarding Patrik Antonius the $1.35 Million Dollar poker Pot with his five-high straight.

A short while after the record breaking hand, Antonius took down another $800k pot making for a good day in the office for Patrik.

Who is Isildur1 ?

Every so often a new online poker player emerges into the spotlight which is the case with Isildur1 while very little is known about who he really is, the only established fact is that he is from Sweden and plays high stakes poker at high limit games against some of the worlds top poker pros with a recent good run against Durrrr helping to build his bankroll.

Speculation and rumor has it that he could be a young 18 years old kid an unknown poker name who has never played live tournaments. Other rumors have mentioned Todd Brunson, Martonas and Robert Flink but it seems that Isildur1 is most likely to be Viktor Blom, a young player from Uddevalla, Sweden.

Viktor Blom is a known internet poker star who plays under the alias of ‘Blom90′ who has crushed games across Europe at various poker sites and is so far the most likely candidate to  be Isildur1 at FullTilt Poker.

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