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Published: 6th July 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 8th January 2024

Party Poker The Genius PromotionParty Poker The Genius Promotion is a milestone hand promotion which starts today 6th July 2009 and runs for ten million hands, all players dealt into every millionth hand will share $10K and the final hand of the promotion, the tenth million hand dealt, will all share $100,000.

Win some massive Genius jackpots on Party Poker for just being involved in every 50,000 hand dealt.

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Party Poker The Genius Promotion Millionth Hand Dealt

All players involved in every milestone millionth hand dealt during the promotion will split $10,000 and the final tenth million hand table will get their share of $100,000

E=MC² -> Everyday = More Cash². The Genius promotion begins on 6th of July 2009 and runs until the ten millionth hand is dealt. Only applies to 10/25c tables and above on PartyPoker.

The Genius 50,000th hand jackpot

Every 50,000 hands achieved during The Genius promotion will hit a jackpot hand with the prize money based on the current pot size of the table. All players involved in the hand will share the Genius hand cash which is worked out by squaring the pot value, the concept is very Genius indeed with the Genius jackpot being multiplied by the pot size formula win up to $5000.

If Pot size is $30 the Genius formula would be $30 x $30 = $900 Genius bonus
If Pot size is $70 the Genius formula would be $70 x $70 = $4900 Genius bonus

The minimum genius hand payout will be $100 and maximum being $5000

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