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Published: 8th October 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 9th December 2023

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PartyPoker’s new version now gives players the option to check, call, fold, bet or raise without needing to move your mouse with the advent of keyboard shortcuts, players can even use shortcuts at Party Poker to select in advance any action or when it’s your turn to bet.

This is how PartyPoker shortcut keys and Party Poker tricks work:

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Action Shortcut Keys for PartyPoker’s new look version – HotKeys

Given the following options to either:

Use the Ctrl + Left arrow will Fold your hand or Check/Fold.

Use the Ctrl + up arrow will Check or Call

Use the Ctrl + right arrow will raise or bet.

Betting in Advance using Shortcut Keys for PartyPoker

Controlling the No-Limit Slider tool

You will need to change your bet through using (Ctrl+Shift + Down Arrow) which decreases in units by the big blind amount.

Next confirm your bet using Ctrl (+Shift(optional)) + Enter or + Down Arrow

Below is the complete Shortcut – Hotkeys list for PartyPoker’s new updated game.

Limit Games No-Limit and Pot-Limit games

Pre-Action Action Pre-Action Action

Fold Ctrl + [left arrow] Ctrl + [left arrow] Ctrl + [left arrow] Ctrl + [left arrow]

Check/Fold Ctrl + Shift + [left arrow] N/A Ctrl + Shift + [left arrow] N/A

Call or Check Ctrl + [down arrow] Ctrl + [down arrow] Ctrl + [down arrow] Ctrl + [down arrow]

Call any or check/call Ctrl + Shift + [up arrow] N/A N/A N/A

Bet, raise or bet pot (NL) Ctrl + [right arrow] Ctrl + [right arrow] Ctrl + [right arrow], the NL slider/field is automatically selected

Ctrl + shift + [down arrow/up arrow] to change bet in big blind increments

Enter key or Ctrl + [right arrow] with or without the Shift key

Bet/raise or raise Any Ctrl + Shift + [right arrow]

*For Stud poker players: Bet double and Call buttons can be called through Ctrl + Shift + [arrow up]

Advanced actions can be cancelled by selecting an alternate option or by clicking the the Esc key before the action occurs.

All of Party Poker’s tables support shortcuts except the poker trainer.

More about Partypoker’s new table and PartyPoker’s new lobby features.

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