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Published: 9th December 2016 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 10th December 2023

pokerstars micromillions marathonCheck out the PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon schedule with twenty-five events taking place on one day only 11th December, 2016.

The series of online poker tournaments also includes a MicroMillions Marathon Main Event with a guaranteed million dollar prize pool.

The stakes are micro-limit with buy-ins ranging from $0.11 up to $22 for the Main Event. The series is part of the PokerStars Christmas promotion which runs this festive season.

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PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon

Don’t miss out on PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon day on 11th December, 2016 where there is over a million dollars in guaranteed prize pool.

MicroMillions Marathon Main Event
Date: 11th December, 2016
Time: 20:00
Buy-in: $22
Prize Pool: million guaranteed with $100k for first place prize.

Get ready for a day of non-stop poker action with events taking place every hour throughout the day. See the full PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon schedule below for more information on all twenty-five tournaments:

PokerStars MicroMillions Marathon Schedule

MicroMillions Marathon-01 (Hyper-Active)12 00$0.11+R$5,000
MicroMillions Marathon-0213:00$3.30$30,000
MicroMillions Marathon-03 (Ultra Deep Stacks)14:00$2.20$20,000
MicroMillions Marathon-0414:30$1.10$10,000
MicroMillions Marathon-0515:00$4.40$40,000
MicroMillions Marathon-06 (Progressive KO)15:30$5.50$50,000
MicroMillions Marathon-0716:00$1.10$20,000
MicroMillions Marathon-08 (Win The Button)16:30$3.30$20,000
MicroMillions Marathon-09 (Progressive KO)17:00$4.40$50,000
MicroMillions Marathon-10 (Bubble Rush)17:30$1.10$10,000
MicroMillions Marathon-1118:00$4.40$50,000
MicroMillions Marathon-12 (Progressive KO)18:30$5.50$100,000
MicroMillions Marathon-1319:00$3.30$50,000
MicroMillions Marathon-1419:30$2.20+R$40,000
MicroMillions Marathon Main Event20:00$22$1,000,000
MicroMillions Marathon-16 (Ultra Deep Stacks)20:30$3.30$50,000
MicroMillions Marathon-1721:00$4.40$40,000
MicroMillions Marathon-18 (Progressive KO)21:30$5.50$50,000
MicroMillions Marathon-1922:00$1.10$15,000
MicroMillions Marathon-20 (Ante Up)22:30$2.20$20,000
MicroMillions Marathon-2123:00$3.30$30,000
MicroMillions Marathon-2223:30$4.40$10,000
MicroMillions Marathon-2300:00$5.50$20,000
MicroMillions Marathon-2401:00$2.20$20,000
MicroMillions Marathon-2502:00$1.10+R$25,000

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