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Published: 23rd July 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th January 2024

Poker Players Alliance - Poker Players Alliance have declared this week National Poker Week in their efforts to legalize America’s favorite pastime.

Members of the PPA are in Washington this week to meet with elected US officials with a petition with more than 375,000 signatures requesting Barack Obama to legalize and regulate online poker and not deny US poker players the rights to play a skilled game on the internet.

National Poker Week – 19th -25th July 2009

Poker Players Alliance Petition

President Obama – Poker is Not a Crime

I am a voter and a fellow poker player asking for your support of my right to play games of skill like online poker. President Obama please support my rights as an American.

  1. Exempt poker from the UIGEA
  2. License and regulate online poker in America.
  3. Respect my rights as a law-abiding American who enjoys playing poker a game of skill.

The Ultimate goal of Poker Players Alliance, National Poker Week, is to get US congress to legalize online poker by regulating and licensing the game. 10 million US poker players enjoy playing poker online, join the Poker Players Alliance and protect your rights to play online poker. Annie Duke and many other poker ambassadors will deliver the petition to Barack Obama this week.

PPA member Annie Duke met with congress members this week trying to convince them that online poker could generate as much as three billion dollars each year which would certainly help with the current health care reform.

“We all have a right to play poker and taking away that right sets a dangerous precedent that no American should stand for,” commented Duke. “There’s a lot of work to do to ensure that poker players and the game get the respect they deserve but we’re getting there.”

Poker Players Alliance is a nonprofit organization created to voice the rights of Poker players in the US