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Published: 28th April 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 5th December 2023

Listing of the Safest Poker Rooms Allowing USA Poker players for real moneyThe recent closure of three of the top online poker rooms has really spun up the poker world with poker affiliate websites having to cut their losses from years’ worth of US player revenue from the former open to USA poker room giant’s PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and UB.

Poker affiliates will now be looking to promote brands that still permit Americans to play for real money on their sites, while these are few and far between there still are several options for Americans looking for real money poker sites that are still open to the USA, since April 2011’s doomsday.

Safest Poker Rooms Allowing USA players:

We have listed listed the safest poker rooms and most secure online poker sites that are still open to US poker players for real money play, while at the moment traffic at any of these rooms is really low if you compare them to the heyday of PokerStars but given a couple months they will continue to grow in traffic and size.

Merge Gaming Network

Carbon Poker

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Everleaf Network


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Bodog Network

Bodog Poker

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Cake Network

Cake Poker

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Poker Rooms that Allow USA Poker players since April 2011

The above poker networks are the safest poker rooms that allow USA players to play online poker for real money as they were not implicated in the money laundering scandal that unfolded.

The safest USA poker networks listed have seen their traffic boosted significantly since the exit of the major rooms from the USA market and with no quick fix or remedy in sight for a return, we are sure these networks will grow at a staggering rate while players build trust and traffic continues to rise.

Those affiliates and players who may remember the days when PartyPoker was #1 would have already experienced what it is like when a major poker room closes to the USA, quite simply the traffic drops at lot and you are no longer a contender for the #1 spot, everyone waits for you to reopen and it simply doesn’t happen, while this process may take several months to play itself out you can rest assured knowing that a winner will emerge.

It may be years until the USA finally legalises online poker just look at how long PartyPoker has sat on the side-lines only to be overtaken by the likes of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Our preferred room at this moment is UWin Poker, while the traffic is low and tournaments much smaller the players in general are very weak at cash games, giving those players with a little skill a significant advantage over the much weaker players that can be found.

What now the for PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, we would imagine that over the next couple of months their traffic will dwindle to third fourth or even fifth place unless by some miracle poker law is introduced in the USA very soon and they somehow attain a license to operate legally, but seriously it’s just not going to happen, US poker players need to start searching for a new room or move to another country for the next few years if online poker is essential to your livelihood and no alternate USA poker room will do. We would also imagine that now that the two big rooms are on a level playing field with others who exited the US market some time back meaning that competition will be tough.