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Published: 21st July 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 9th January 2024

the micros pokerThe Micros is a popular animated comedy series based on online poker, the plot is based on three main characters Chase, Rose and Tommy. The comedy poker show features the characters on their quest from micro stakes poker to the big time with a series of web episodes, specials, minivids and music videos on YouTube.

The show was originally presented by Full Tilt Poker prior to Black Friday, it’s just a question of time before another network steps in to sponsor the show.

The writers of the show Jay Rosenkrantz & John Wray plan to release the series in HD DVD version.

The Micros Poker Show

Description: “High Stakes, Low Comedy”
Produced by: Marc Brody
Starring: Donovan Oakleaf as Chase, Kristin Aldrich as Rose, Nathan Baker as Tommy, Jeff Cannata
Directed By: John Wray (Exec. Producer Marc Brody)
Written By: Jay Rosenkrantz (Deuces Cracked) & John Wray (Cardrunners)

Watch all The Micros episodes online at YouTube.

The Micros Episodes

The Micros – Episode 1: Pilot

Chase Berger aka Swedetooth plays in the Sunday Mega million tournament for $1,2 million dollars, we are introduced to the other two characters Rose and Tommy.

The Micros – Episode 2: Play Poker Like the Rose

Chase wants to play a live poker tournament and needs to raise funds by playing poker online. Rose logins into his account and loses his entire bankroll playing nose bleed games.

The Micros – Episode 3: One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest

Rose gets help for her gambling addictions at ELKYTRAZ the asylum for the criminally degenerate, while Chase plays the Aussie Millions and is the first player eliminated from the tournament.

The Micros – Episode 4: Heads Up 4 Röfls

Max Röfls plays Head-ups against Chase (Swedetooth) in an epic match.

The Micros – Episode 5: Countdown to Busto

Tom Dwan (Durrrr) give Chase some tips on how to defeat Max Röfls at Heads-up.

Micros Specials

The Micros also have special episodes released in between the regular series, here are all the latest videos.

The Micros – Episode 3Fiddy: HU4RLLZ teaser

April Fools Special – You’ve been Fricke Rolled!

The popular April Fools episode featuring Phil Ivey.

‘Seiborg’ by SrslySirius & DRybes (A Micros Music Video)

A music video dedicated to Erik Seidel and his amazing run in 2011.

The Micros – WSOP Special

The Micros plan to get staked for the WSOP, they contact all the pros on their contact list. Pros featured in this episode include: Barry Greenstein, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Antonio Esfandiari, Vanessa Selbst, Kara Scott and Huck Seed.

Micros Minivids

The Micros Minivids are special episodes released for special occasions like holidays or certain events taking place in the poker world.

Micros Minivid: Happy Holidays!

Micros Minivid: Congrats to Erik Seidel

Micros Minivid: Black Friday

Micros Minivid: Congrats to Tatjana Pašalić