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Published: 12th November 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th December 2023

world series of poker 2008 winnerDanish 22 year old Peter Eastgate has won the WSOP title for 2008 as well as the youngest winner of the main event since Phil Hellmuth. Eastgate managed to beat Ivan Demidov heads up at the final table winning over $9 million.

Eastgate played 104 hands against Russian Demidov. In the final hand Eastgate limped in and Demidov checked and the flop revealed K-3-2

World Series of Poker 2008

Eastgate bet $1.25 million, and his opponent called, then revealing a 4 on the turn.

After some smaller bets, a 7 was drawn on the river

Demidov proceed to go all-in 16.45 million chips and was then called by Eastgate.

Eastgate had a straight with A-5

Demidov had two pairs with 4 and 2.

Peter Eastgate won over $9 million

Ivan Demidov got second-place prize money of more than $4 million

USA Today, got some comments: “I guess I haven’t really realized how big this is.

“It will come in the next weeks or the next days. I will become very emotional at some point.”

WSOP winner video interview with Peter Eastgate

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