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Published: 9th November 2010 Written by Poker News
Updated: 5th December 2023

WSOP 2010The WSOP 2010 main event winner is Jonathan Duhamel, the first Canadian to win a main event. The PokerStars player now joins the team of PokerStars bracelet winners which include Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem, Peter Eastgate and Joe Cada.

On Saturday the November Nine played 11 hours until two players remained Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener, they played heads-up on Monday night to determine the 2010 WSOP main event champion.

Duhamel had a 6-1 chip lead on Racener going into the Heads-up match and finally won the WSOP bracelet and main event title for 2010.

Watch the 2010 World Series Of Poker main event highlights and action on the final table tonight on ESPN on 9 November at 10 – 12 pm

WSOP 2010 Main Event Final Results

Jonathan Duhamel the 23 year old Canadian PokerStars player brings home the 2010 WSOP main event bracelet and $8,9 million for his first place finish.

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2010 World Series of Poker Results

  1. Jonathan Duhamel – $8,944,310
  2. John Racener – $5,545,955
  3. Joseph Cheong – $4,130,049
  4. Filippo Candio – $3,092,545
  5. Michael Mizrachi – $2,332,992
  6. John Dolan – $1,772,959
  7. Jason Senti – $1,356,720
  8. Matthew Jarvis – $1,045,743
  9. Soi Nguyen – $811,823

John Racener finishes in 2nd place

In the final hand Jonathan Duhamel shoves and John Racener calls for the remained of his chips just less than 15 million. Duhamel’s Ace high holds up when neither player connects with the board. Racener finishes as the runner up in the main event winning $5,545,955.

Jonathan Duhamel: AsJh
John Racener: Kd8d

Flop: 4c4d9s
Turn: 6c
River: 5c

Joseph Cheong finishes in 3rd place

After having a similar chip stack to Jonathan Duhamel for most of the final 3, Cheong gets caught up in a hand with Duhamel where both players raise and re-raise each until Cheong moves all-in with As7h against Duhamel pocket queens, the queens hold up leaving Cheong with less than 10 million chips, the hand was the biggest pot in the history of the WSOP with 180 million chips.

Joseph Cheong starts playing aggressively shoving all-in almost every hand, on the final hand for the day, Cheong moves all-in with Qs10c and Duhamel calls with As2c and eliminates Cheong with a high Ace.

Filippo Candio finishes in 4th place

Filippo Candio raises all-in from the small blind and Joseph Cheong calls hitting a straight on the river card and eliminating Candio from the main event as the first Italian poker player to make it to the WSOP November Nine.

Candio: KdQd
Cheong: Ad3d

Flop: Ah7d2s
Turn: 5h
River: 4s

Michael Mizrachi finishes in 5th place

Jonathan Duhamel limps in from the small blind with Pocket Aces on Michael Mizrachi Big Blind, and check the flop, Mizrachi bets out 2 million and faces a check-raise from Duhamel. The Grinder moves allin with top pair against Duhamels over pair Aces and sees the bad news.

Jonathan Duhamel: AdAc
Michael Mizrachii: Q8

Flop: 5d4sQc
Turn: Jd
River: Kd

John Dolan finishes in 6th place

Short stack John Dolan moves allin from the small blind and Jonathan Duhamel calls with his pocket fours verse Q5, Duhamel small pair hold up when Dolan misses and is out of the main event in 6th place.

John Dolan: Qd5d
Jonathan Duhamel: 4c4d

Flop: Jh7h6h
Turn: 9h
River: 3c

Jason Senti finishes in 7th place

Jason Senti raise from the cuttoff position and Joseph Cheong re-raises, Senti shoves allin and Cheong calls. In an unbelievable hand where Senti hits a set of kings on the flop reverses when Cheong makes a straight on the river eliminating Senti in 7th place.

Joseph Cheong: 10c10s
Jason Senti: AdKs

Flpo: KdKhQc
Turn: Jd
River: 9d

Matthew Jarvis finishes in 8th place

Jonathan Duhamel raises and Michael Mizrachi calls, Matthew Jarvis re-raises allin Duhamel folds and Mizrachi calls. A crazy hand where Mizrachi hits trip queens on the flop and then Jarvis hits full house on the turn but the river ace gives Mizrachi the better full house eliminating Jarvis from the main event in 8th place.

Michael Mizrachi: AdQd
Matthew Jarvis: 9c9h

Flop: Qs8dQc
Turn: 9s
River: As

Soi Nguyen finishes in 9th place

Soi Nguyen announces allin with his KA and Jason Senti calls with pocket queens, Senti hits trip queens on the flop but Nguyen has good odds to hit a Jack before showdown. With no Jack Senti eliminates Nguyen from the main event the first November Nine player eliminated.

Jason Senti: QdQs
Soi Nguyen: AdKc

Flop: Qh3s10
Turn: 9s
River: Ks

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