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Published: 20th January 2015 Written by Poker News
Updated: 1st December 2023

cepheus poker projectThe Cepheus Poker Project have created the first-ever computer program that is capable of playing a close to perfect poker game.

Cepheus poker bot has played more than a billion poker hands of limit heads-up poker games against itself within two months of it’s training program.

The bot was programmed with the rules of poker and then perfected it’s game by playing more poker hands that the entire human race has throughout history.

The team of the Cepheus Poker Project consists of computer scientists and researchers from the University of Alberta, who have worked on the project for over a decade.

Cepheus Poker Project

It should be noted that Cepehus is only skilled at limit Texas holdem heads-up games and it’s main poker strategy is to learn from it’s mistakes and improve with every hand played.

Earlier versions of the software where known as Polaris which was the first computer program to successfully beat some of the best human players in the game. Cepheus was created with the same winning poker strategy but has since managed to perfect the game of poker.

Cepheus is the latest version of the software which has a history dating back to 1997, many years of programming and developing to create a perfect result.

1997 – Loki
1999 – Poki
2002 – PsOpti/Sparbot
2003 – Vexbot
2006 – Hyperborean
2007 – Polaris
2007 – Hyperborean No-Limit
2009 – Hyperborean Ring
2015 – Cepheus

How close is the Cepheus Poker bot to perfect? it is so close to perfect that if a human were to play a lifetime of poker against it, approximately 60 million poker hands, Cepheus would not lose any money in the long run.

Cepheus was programmed with poker rules and spent two months playing against itself improving it’s skills with every hand played. To process more than a billion poker hands in it’s training period Cepheus required more than 4,000 CPU’s to calculate it’s decisions.

The Cepheus Poker Project results are considered as a huge breakthrough in artificial intelligence and poker game theory with it’s ability to beat human opponents. Many other successful software programs have been developed for skilled games like Chess and Othello in the past.

Poker has slightly different elements that these skilled games as it combines skill with luck and also has missing information that being the opponents unknown cards.

Cepheus Poker Project Team consists of Michael Johanson, Michael Bowling, Neil Burch and Oskari Tammelin (software developer).


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